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Cobiro is the first fully automated and self-learning Google advertising optimizer

Using machine learning and predictive analytics, Cobiro discovers optimal search term bidding and advertising from your customers’ behavioral patterns. And acts before you know it.

We built Cobiro for ourselves. Now we share it for free, or at a fixed low fee for shops with a Premium plan.

There’s simply no reason not to use Cobiro.

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5 or 50,000 products to advertise - Cobiro doesn’t care.

Cobiro continuously decides the right price to bid for a specific keyword and advertisement for each of your products.

No magic - just a machine beating human limitations.

Built for non-techies, usable by anyone!

Cobiro was made for anyone to use. From smaller shop owners, to marketers and large commerce portals.
Simply configure your business objectives and advertising message - and let Cobiro work for you.

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Fully automated Google AdWords and Google Shopping.

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Expanded features with Advanced Reporting & Simulation.

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