Making your business succeed online

Your business is your brand. Our goal is to give small businesses the tools to act and look like big businesses. We get you started and guide you through – so all you need is the will to grow big.

Making your business succeed online


Our ads are high-performers in every corner of the world.



Every keyword is another insight on how to run ads better.



We know exactly how to make your ads your business win.

Our success story

There are billions of people online every day. Many of them are searching for a particular product or service. It could be your product or service, but only if you’re online. If you’re not, then you won’t be found. That’s a lot of potential sales wasted!

If you’re looking into setting up your business online, however, you’ll quickly find that the existing solutions that provide business owners with a solid online presence are incredibly difficult and expensive to set up. It usually takes expert skills or agency knowledge to build and manage a website, something most smaller businesses don’t have or can’t afford. We think that’s a shame.

The solution? Give the power back to you, the business owner, by providing you with a super easy and free website builder and making sure there are tons of integrative ways to get started with digital marketing. Simple, hassle-free, and affordable. 

We were founded on the principle that everyone deserves to share their knowledge and skills online. So if you’ve got a product or service that deserves to be shared with the world, then we can help you succeed online.

Cobiro is trusted by more than 100,000 businesses worldwide who are now present online, easier to find, and in touch with their audiences more than ever before.

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Management Team

Bo Krogsgaard

CEO & Co-Founder

Bo has been building online based companies since 1998 and Cobiro is the brainchild of his experience. An evolution of the marketing platforms he developed for travel and price comparison engines at scale. At Cobiro, Bo is our CEO, responsible for leading the company towards new heights.

Anders Ibsen

CCO & Co-Founder

Anders is an internet entrepreneur and has been working with Google and online marketing since 2002. In 2005 Anders was a member of the first team of Google Partners, graduating from Google’s HQ. Anders is responsible for our commercial activities.

Dave Winslow

President Americas & Chief Strategy Officer

From Dave’s time in the creative industry through to his days in interactive e-commerce, including consulting Google on the roll out of Google Analytics, Dave has worn many hats throughout his career, which has given him the scope of experience needed to understand every cornerstone of modern day businesses.

Gregory Sylwester Radzio


Gregory’s background makes up a solid foundation for his role as Cobiro’s CTO. From his educational background, a Master’s degree in software engineering, to various technical lead positions, Gregory has positioned himself as an impactful and driven professional within tech.

Allan Junge-Jensen


Allan is a seasoned financial manager with a vast experience within tech. Besides being the former Group CFO at Boozt, Allan has previously worked in the telco industry.

Board of Directors

Christian Mærsk Mc-Kinney Olufsen


Board Member Maersk Broker Former Head of Department, Executive Office Danish Ministry of Defence Former Financial Analyst, Risk Manager Maersk Oil - Harvard Business School Executive Education Private Equity and Venture Capital University of Copenhagen M.A. Field Of Study Political Science

Kim Rønnow Duus


Chairman Vestjysk Bank Former Member of the Executive Board Nykredit Former CEO Nykredit Bank Former CEO Alfred Berg - University of Copenhagen Master (MSc) Economics

Kristoffer Ewald


CEO OurTradeHub Board Member Flextribe Former CIO Artefact Global - University of Copenhagen Bachelor (BSc) Economics

Advisory Board

Lisa M. Shalett

Former Goldman Sachs CMO & Partner

Lisa Shalett is a retired Goldman Sachs Partner with 20 years of multifaceted experience, who now advises and invests in early-stage companies. Lisa leverages her experience and expertise by serving on public and private company boards to help large companies and startups succeed in the business world.

Brett Crosby

COO & Co-Founder at PeerStreet

Brett Crosby has experience in building both startups and large companies. Brett also co-founded Google Analytics, helped start Google’s mobile advertising business, ran the founding product marketing team that launched Google+ and most recently ran the global teams responsible for the dramatic growth of Chrome, Gmail, Docs, and Drive.

Jesper Jensen

Online Marketing Director at

Jesper Jensen is currently the Online Marketing Director at Boozt Fashion, a leading online fashion e-commerce retailer in Scandinavia. He is responsible for leading Boozt’s online marketing team. Jesper’s approach to marketing is focused on customer-centric and performance-oriented data.

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