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Børsen (Danish)

It-ko­met hen­ter 50 mio kr hos Dan­ske Banks ri­ge­ste kun­der: “Pen­ge­ne er vig­ti­ge for at give virk­som­he­den det rig­ti­ge skub”


Cobiro lands $2 million from European Commission for its AI AdWords solution

MediaWatch (Danish)

Dansk startup satser på mindre virksomheders Google-annoncering

Martech Series

Cobiro Raises $2 Million to Launch Proprietary AI Advertising Tool for SMBs


Short description

Succeeding online is hard work. Even for professionals. Cobiro provides agencies, enterprises and businesses with the tools they need to be successful online – centralized on a single platform.


Since 2016, Cobiro’s mission has revolved around helping businesses cut through the noise and level-up their online capabilities. Navigating a jungle of different tools, touchpoints and interfaces is now a thing of the past. Cobiro helps bolster your online presence, boost your performance and ultimately gives you a greater return on your online investments.

With guided marketing & advertising apps, agencies, enterprises and companies of all types can find the tools they need, wherever they are on their journey.

Cobiro drives $350m+ in yearly advertising spend and has established successful enterprise partnerships.
It’s headquartered in Copenhagen with offices in Warsaw and Lisbon.

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