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Do you really need an advertising agency?

You don't always need an advertising agency. In many instances, you can easily do the work ad yourself at a much lower cost while you maintain complete control.

May 15, 2020

Simone Engbo Hansen

6 min read

Do you really need an advertising agency?

You’re just getting started with your online business efforts. Maybe it’s your first website, maybe you’re just now considering adding advertising efforts. Whatever your level of expertise, it’s probably safe to say you’re not an industry-leader when it comes to the advertising category. You’ll probably want to hire someone who actually is to help you get ahead like an advertising agency. But is that really necessary? Probably not. We break down when to tackle digital advertising yourself and when not to. 

Why digital advertising is so important

For some, having a website with contact information is enough. But for most, we would argue it isn’t. A website is a good start for a freelancer or small business owner who needs to be found online. A portfolio or place to look you up. But unless you’re engaged in a very niche industry, you probably have quite a lot of competitors who are fighting with you to get the same clients’ attention. That’s where digital advertising can really help boost your efforts.

Digital advertising isn’t just putting up a Facebook and hoping for the best. It’s targeted, data-driven advertising strategy with the purpose of reaching leads and potential customers in every stage of the buying process and moving them closer to making a sale. Digital advertising efforts don’t cost an arm and a leg and will quickly get you more customers. 

Once you have a website set up, adding digital marketing and advertising solutions is easy - especially if you choose to do it through Cobiro, a central platform that combines your website and digital marketing.

When to hire an agency

We’re not trying to tell you that you can never benefit from hiring an advertising agency to help you with your ad campaigns. Not at all! Going down the agency road is the right choice in many cases. 

It’s mostly about your budget. Smaller advertising budget? Try doing ads yourself. For medium-sized and bigger companies, it might be easier to outsource campaign work because they can afford it. When you’re ready to push the button on a lot of ads on many different marketing channels, getting help is a good idea. An agency can help you prepare and execute a detailed digital media plan. Such a plan will require longer to implement and get results from, but if you’re a certain size that’s not a problem.  

The benefit of hiring an agency is that you pay them to do the work and present the results. That means you can focus on your business and let the agency worry about how your ads are performing. If you’re a bigger company without a marketing department, we suggest letting an advertising agency take responsibility for that.

When not to hire an agency

Smaller companies often need immediate return on investment - that goes for their ad budget too. What they don’t need is a meticulously hashed out media strategy for every single marketing channel. It’s too much work that takes focus and time away from the real business. 

Moreover, an advertising agency takes a big fee for their work - usually half of what you’ve set aside for marketing. For example, say you’ve got a total of $1,000 to spend on marketing a month, the agency fee will make up $500 just to pay man hours. That makes it a lot harder to get good results with a tighter budget. 

The money you would spend on an agency fee should instead go to your ads where you are guaranteed to see something happen fairly quickly after starting out. Keeping that chunk of money to yourself and your advertising is great, but what’s even better is the level of control you have. If you manage your own ads, you’re in charge of when to turn them on and off. You control content, messaging, budget - everything. And for a smaller business, being in control is key to succeed. 

Do what’s right for you

In many instances, you’ll turn to an agency to help you get set up and rolling with your digital advertising efforts. It’s not a bad choice and it makes a lot of sense to come to that conclusion if you’re no ad wizard yourself. 

Digital advertising can be done with the bare minimum, though. It doesn’t cost a lot of money and doesn’t have to take up much of your time. If you use a platform like Cobiro’s, getting started with digital advertising is easy because we’ve collected everything you need in one, central platform. And you still get to decide the ad budget. It’s time-saving and affordable - perfect for a small business. 

Cobiro is you all-round digital marketing platform that collects everything you need in one place. Sign up for free now!

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