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Stop wasting money. Get a free website now

Cobiro's Content Team

“Building a website is hard”, “websites cost a lot of money to make”, “I don’t know how to code”, and “my business doesn’t need a website” are among the many reasons why people put off making a website. Fortunately, we’re here to squash the myth that making a professional website is difficult and expensive. 

Anyone can build a website

No, we’re not joking. Building a website is neither difficult nor time-consuming - at least if you choose a website builder like Cobiro’s, which lets you build a professional website in just a few minutes. The reason why Cobiro’s website builder is so easy to use is that it features a drag-and-drop creator. A drag-and-drop creator allows anyone with a computer and internet connection to build a website without having to use code or learn a programming language. Just select a basic theme and elements and drag them where you want them on each page of your new website.

Get a website for free

Hiring a skilled programmer who knows how to build an efficient and professional website can cost a pretty penny. If you want your website to run advertising too, you’ll also need to hire a marketing consultant or advertising agency to help you get set. Unless of course you want to learn how to code yourself - which takes a lot of time. But there is another way to get a website for free. We believe that every small business owner deserves to take their business online without having to spend their hard-earned money on hiring outside help. That’s why websites built with Cobiro are always free. 

Get a free website. Your customers will love being able to find you!

It’s easier than ever to get a website

Did you know that 81% of consumers research a business online before making a purchase? If your business is not online, you’re missing out on all of them - all 81%. Even when you’re away, your website is still on and ready to serve the customers that find you online. 

Reach new customers

This goes hand in hand with the previous statement - if four out of five customers conduct research online before making a purchase, they could potentially end up making that purchase with you. If you make use of just a few of our helpful tips on how to be successful at online marketing, you’re well on your way to get more referrals and rise above other competitors. 

Interested in other marketing tips that will help you reach more customers? Take a look at this article.

Save time

Frequently asked questions, review sections, information about your business and brand, etc. Communicating everything about your business takes up valuable time that you could otherwise spend on the more important stuff. When your information is online, you don’t have to worry about constantly pushing it to your customers. 

Build a credible brand

With a website, you’re able to control exactly what type of information your customers see. You’re in control of what you put out there, thus giving you the perfect platform to form the brand and narrative you want; the one that will help you reach more customers. 

Don’t put off getting a website

As you can see from our post, getting a website is no longer the hassle it was before. If you want more leads, increased brand awareness, or if you just want to advertise like a pro… starting with a website is the way to go.

Build a website for free with Cobiro today!

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