7 top websites built on JAMstack

From startups to multinationals, a diverse range of brands from across the world are using JAMstack to power their websites. Here’s our take on some of the top ones.


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JAMstack websites are fast. Lightning fast. But they’re also incredibly secure, stable, and scalable. So it’s no surprise that businesses are setting up their websites to run on JAMstack principles.

JAMstack: a quick recap

JAMstack is a modern approach to building websites. It’s not a programming language or tool, but an architecture that delivers world-class websites.

The key building blocks (JavaScript, APIs, and Markup) are separated so they become easier to work with. They then interact together to deliver the end result (the stack part).

Sounds complicated? It doesn’t have to be! With advances in technology and no-code platforms, most of the work has already been done behind the scenes. Getting started has never been easier.

Why are JAMstack websites so good?

JAMstack websites use a Content Delivery Network (CDN) to store a cached version of your website’s content across a global network of servers. So rather than relying on data going back and forth to a single “home” server, it’s ready globally, on demand.

That means blazing-fast page speeds (as the website’s data has less distance to travel), better security and stability (problems can be identified and dealt with locally), and full scalability (peaks in demand are handled with ease).

Check out Cobiro’s complete guide to JAMstack.

Top websites built on JAMstack

Without further delay, here’s a snapshot of some of the top websites that are built using JAMstack.

Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation

Leonardo's personal charity, Re:wild, has a long history of using JAMstack to meet its growing popularity across the world. The general look and feel is very smooth and pages load in a split second. 

DiCaprio will also be pleased to know that JAMstack websites benefit from a reduced carbon footprint. Content is delivered on demand, from a location close to the user, which means only a fraction of energy is needed compared to traditional website systems.

Screenshot of Re:wild website

JFK Terminal 4

As the largest terminal at New York’s John F. Kennedy International Airport, delivering important information to millions of passengers every year is vitally important. JFK’s Terminal 4 website does this exceptionally.

JAMstack sites are static, which means that content can be updated and deployed in real-time. Terminal 4 uses this approach for updating its in-terminal arrival boards and kiosks - which display flight updates in real-time. 

Screenshot of JFK's Terminal 4 website

Louis Vuitton

A brand that needs no introduction. Louis Vuitton is a great example of how e-commerce sites are increasingly using JAMstack to meet the challenge of a customer base that’s dotted around every corner of the globe. 

The website is easy to use, quick, and benefits from a seamless checkout process. Although JAMstack websites are static, dynamic features are easy to add thanks to an API - which Louis Vuitton pulls off beautifully.

Read Cobiro's guide on JAMstack for e-commerce.

Screenshot of Louis Vuitton's website


Peloton is a New York-based fitness company that sells exercise bikes, treadmills, and accessories. As an e-commerce company, showcasing its product range and making navigation as easy as possible is hugely important.

Ordering on Peloton is hassle-free and intuitive. Selecting products and proceeding to checkout and payment can be achieved in just a few clicks, and its range is available in several countries around the world. 

Screenshot of Peloton's website

Pan Macmillan

From Alice in Wonderland to American Psycho, Pan Macmillan is one of the biggest players in the publishing world. It decided to move its legacy site to JAMstack because it wanted to improve its online offering.

First impressions count, and Pan Macmillan delivers on speed and usability (one hover over the main navigation and you’ll see what we mean). A good user experience is also a key SEO ranking factor - helping Pan Macmillan stay one step ahead of the competition.

Screenshot of Pan Macmillan's website

Victoria Beckham Beauty

Although a luxury brand with a global appeal, the team at Victoria Beckham Beauty embraces a startup mentality and sees innovation and speed as central to its approach. Agile is a key theme, which naturally extends to its website.

Victoria Beckham Beauty launched in 2019 with the site delivering a super fast app-like experience with no page reloads. This increased speed at the top of the sales funnel had a direct impact on conversions, with many product lines selling out. 

Screenshot of Victoria Beckham Beauty website


No surprises here, but we couldn’t resist the opportunity to give a shout-out to our very own website! As a no-code platform for JAMstack websites, it's only right that our own website should follow in the same vein.

Check us out if you’re interested in building your own JAMstack website. It’s free until you’re ready to launch and requires no coding skills. SSL encryption and global hosting are included as standard, making the next generation of websites accessible to everyone.

Screenshot of Cobiro's website

The gold standard in website development

The business case for JAMstack is huge. Websites that are fast and secure get more conversions, and they also rank better in search results. Building a website using JAMstack can feel daunting, but there’s a myriad of tools at your disposal.

And when it comes to scalability, JAMstack really comes into its own. Having a website that can handle huge peaks in demand and remain online without any outages is a necessity for today’s growing businesses. It’s time to embrace the future of website development.

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