Seamless setup

Cobiro makes it very easy to set up your Google Shopping campaigns. You do not need to create a merchant center account or link it to your Google Ads account. Cobiro automatically takes care of all this for you so you only have to run your online store and handle the orders we generate for you.

Cobiro creates an optimized feed for you

We have modules or apps for the many shopping cart platforms like Shopify, PrestaShop, and WooCommerce. We are continuously launching new apps as we develop them. By installing the Cobiro app we validate your website so it is approved by Google and create a feed for your product structure. The feed is the input for Google Shopping and we update it daily with new products, prices and much more.

Conversion tracking installed automatically

By using our apps and module you make sure conversion tracking is installed correctly and it reports back to Google Shopping. It reports the value of products sold and what items you sell. Cobiro use this information to optimize your feed and bidding in the auction so you will end up with the best possible ROAS - return on ad spend.

How does it work?

Google Shopping is based on an auction. The advertisers that are using Google Shopping can participate in the auction to being displayed in the top of Google. You only pay if a customer clicks on your ad and you pay nothing if they do not click your ad. Cobiro always makes sure you bid the right amount so you optimize your ROAS - return on ad spend - or in other words how much you sell for everytime you pay for a click. Read more about Cobiro bid management.