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What is Google Search?

Search ads are advertisements based on auctions where advertisers bid on certain keywords relevant to their product or service.

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How does it work?

When someone starts a search on Google, your ads can show up based on the similarity between your keywords and the person’s search terms. An auction takes place between advertisers and the winner’s ad appears on Google in the top position.

How can Cobiro help me?

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Easy Setup

Create high-quality ads and generate effective keywords within minutes.

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No Skills Needed

Run ads like a pro. No marketing skills needed to beat your competitors.

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Automated Ads

Automated strategies to identify and focus on the keywords that get most clicks.

With Cobiro you don’t need any professional skills to beat your competition and make sure that your ads show on the top.

Create high-quality ads in an easy setup within minutes. We generate effective keywords and personalize the ad text so you get the best possible return on your ads.

We use different match type strategies to quickly identify and focus on the keywords that get the most clicks and give you the best possible advertising outcome.

After creating your ads, you can leave the complex bidding to our fully automated system that sets the best bids for every single keyword to win auctions, show your ads and drive your sales.

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