Bid management for Google Shopping and Google Search

Optimize your earning by setting the right bid in the Google auction with the help of Cobiro Bid Management. The difference in using our bid management or not can make all the difference in whether you earn a profit on your online store or the service you promote. Beating the competition is hard work - but we do it for you.

We are support both Google Search and Google Shopping with our bid management algorithms. As Cobiro is one of the largest Google Partners globally our data foundation is huge and based on this we are applying machine learning to optimize the bidding.

The complexity

Even small online stores experience challenges in managing bids in the Google Ads auction. If you are promoting 1,000 products you will most likely have 4,000 keywords you need to monitor the profitability for once a week. Many companies tries to handle this with Excel or other manual tools but it is insufficient and require hard work. Cobiro will automatically adjust all your bids for optimal return.

The complexity increases

4,000 keywords adjustment easily becomes 12,000 weekly adjustments when you also have to adjust bids for device types like mobile, laptop and tablets (3 x 4,000 adjustments). The fun does not stop here. When you also adjust for geographies the complexity increases to a level that is almost impossible for humans to handle - but don’t worry. Cobiro will make all this automatically and seamlsess for you regardless of the size of your catalogue or budget.

Google Shopping

For Google Shopping we are automatically doing item based bid management for optimal ROAS - even when you have low volumes or budgets. Cobiro will even optimize based on your existing traffic so when you sign up to Cobiro and start advanced bidding you will see your ROAS go up more or less instantly because we learn from your existing traffic. If your campaign is brand new we will make sure you hit the ground running because we can set the auction bids very accurately even if you have no empirical data and Google Shopping history.

Works with any online store or website

We are currently supporting Shopify, WooCommerce and PrestaShop with our deep integration modules. More modules are coming soon. Other websites are automatically indexed by Cobiro to collect information about your websites content.