What should you choose: Google Ads or Cobiro?

Google Ads can be quite complex to get started with but is an excellent tool for professional marketers. Cobiro, on the other hand, is easy to use for everyone, no matter their skill level. Take a look at when to choose what.

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What should you choose

Eline Ellesgaard, Head of Paid Marketing

It comes as no surprise that the primary objective for business owners is to increase sales and scale fast. So where do they turn to accomplish that? In many cases, the answer is Google Ads. One of the most effective ways to reach more customers and increase sales is to include Google Ads in your digital marketing strategy. By adding the right keywords to your online ads, your ads will be shown just as your customers are searching for offerings like yours on the Google search engine. 

But Google Ads is a complex tool to use. It requires the user to invest plenty of time in learning how to use it most effectively; time that many small businesses don’t have. An easier choice is to run Google Ads through Cobiro’s platform. So when should you choose Cobiro as your preferred advertising platform and when is Google Ads the best answer? We’ll break it down for you. 

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Google Ads explained

Google Ads are paid advertisements that show up before the organic search results on the Google search engine. You can check out our explanation of Google Ads in this article for more information on the technology.

Constant updates are stressful

Google tends to update its rules and policies for Google Ads very often and it then falls upon the advertisers to stay updated. Sometimes advertisers get banned from Google ads for disobeying the latest policies and procedures and this can have a huge impact on your return on ad spend. Also, you need to be up-to-date with new features within the platform on a constant basis. If for example the text ad format changes, you will need to update your ads to fit the new features. Google will favor the advertisers who use the latest features in their advertising campaigns and if you’re too far behind you’ll end up struggling with getting in front of your competitors. 

Small mistakes at a high cost

We all make mistakes! But if you make mistakes in your Google Ads, it can be a costly affair. It could be that you forgot to add negative keywords to your campaign, maybe you had a spelling mistake in your ad text, or maybe you forgot to turn off campaigns for products you no longer offer. These scenarios and many more can be unnecessarily expensive if you don’t take time every day to look at your settings and ensure everything is alright.

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Increased competition 

There is more competition now in the online advertising game than ever before, which increases the Google Ads auction bid amount. The more advertisers paying Google for clicks, the more expensive it will be to advertise on Google. It is therefore very important that you make sure to run high-quality ads, target the right keywords, and set the right price for them to make sure to increase your return on advertising investment. 

Cobiro explained

Cobiro is a platform on which you can manage your entire online presence. You can build a website, make sure SEO is excellent, or you can run advertising campaigns with either Facebook or Google or both. Cobiro’s mission is to make websites and marketing simple enough that anyone can do it. We’re specifically catering to small business owners who don’t have time and resources to learn a myriad of new skills in the hunt for online success.

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So easy everyone can use it

The problem with many advertising solutions is that they’re extremely complicated to use unless you’ve got some kind of background in marketing. That makes it very difficult for many small business owners to even consider getting started with. You can get all of the same benefits from using the Cobiro platform as you would using any other complex, expensive advertising solution out there.

Giving you a competitive advantage

With Cobiro. you’ll be guided through the entire process of creating ad campaigns, writing your ads, and finding the right keywords. Our intelligent tool scans your website to find the best competitive keywords for your ad, and our bid engine makes sure that you offer the right bid at the right time - you don’t have to do anything! We create your campaigns with your preferred settings, such as language, target area, and budget. We’ll even educate you on how to write even more compelling ads. 

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Google Ads is a complex tool. You need to learn how to use the tool most effectively in order to get the most out of your marketing budget. And just when you seem comfortable with different keyword types, how to write great ads, and setting the right bids, Google Ads’ constant updates and complexities seem to be never-ending. The Google Ads product has simply become too complex for everyday small business owners to leverage.

That isn’t to say everyone should shy away from using Google Ads! If you’re already well-versed in online advertising and know your way around Google Ads, there’s no reason you shouldn’t continue doing that on your own. But for small business owners with few resources and little time, investing the focus needed to become an expert on Google Ads is unrealistic. Instead, choose a platform that makes online advertising easy to control, gives you a simple overview, and yields you great results fast. 

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