How to structure the perfect website

Discover how to create an engaging, customer-first website with these top ten tips.

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If you’re considering taking your business online, having a modern and professional website is a crucial first step. We’ve rounded up some of the key things to think about to help you position, structure and promote your new website. 

Before you start

1. Identify your goals 

Think about what you’d like your website visitors to do once they enter your site. This could be making a purchase or signing up to a newsletter. Once you have your objectives in place you’ll find it easier to decide on how you want your website to be structured.

2. Check out the competition

Take a look at what others in your industry are doing and make a note of the things you like and don’t like about their websites. And perhaps more importantly, is there anything missing, or any areas where you can differentiate yours from the rest?

3. Think audience-first

Consider the motivations behind your visitors and mould your website around their needs - not yours. Create a few customer personas and simulate what their journey could look like. This will help make sure you're creating pages that add as much value as possible.

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Create your website

4. Keep it simple 

People expect to find what they’re looking for quickly - without the need to scroll through reams of information to get there. Don’t overthink it - start with your must-have pages only. You can always add more later.

5. Choose the best designs

Your website’s look and feel should reflect who you are as a business. Keep your visitors front of mind and choose something that resonates with them. Pre-made templates that can be customized are a great place to start.

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6. Add beautiful images

Selecting the right images can improve your website’s user experience and focus the minds of your visitors. Use bright and bold imagery to help bring your website to life and tie your content together.

7. Use engaging content

Your writing needs to be clear and focused, yet thoughtful and persuasive. Less is more, so make sure you get the structure and tone right. Good content is also important for SEO, helping you to rank higher in search results.

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The final touches

8. Create effective call to actions

Keep these clear and consistent across your site - leaving visitors in no doubt as to what you’d like them to do next. But, use them strategically and where it makes sense - resisting the urge to add them at every possible opportunity.

9. Find a unique domain

Choosing a custom name for your website adds a touch of professionalism to your business.
Go for a name that’s short and memorable so people can find you easily, and once it’s claimed no one else can take it.

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10. Get it set up for SEO

An SEO friendly website has optimized titles, headers and content as well as up to date meta descriptions. Search engines also prioritise speed, mobile responsiveness and other factors, so getting these right will help your website rank higher in searches.

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