How to secure your website with an SSL certificate

Give your customers confidence that their data is secure. Find out what an SSL certificate is and how it protects classified information.

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What does SSL stand for?

SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer. Its purpose is to establish a secure connection between two parties: a website and its user. Also referred to as a ‘Digital Certificate’, it’s used by millions of online businesses, minimizing the risk of sensitive information, such as usernames, passwords, email addresses and credit card details falling prey to hackers and identity thieves.

Who needs one?

Pretty much every individual or organization with a website that deals with personal and confidential information.

Why is it important?

Trust. Your customers expect their confidential information to remain just that - confidential. It can also help to strengthen your website’s SEO authority and prevent Google from punishing your site in search results.

How will your customers know my website has an SSL certificate?

Look for the padlock icon on the left hand side of your website address bar. This shows that the connection is secure and there’s a valid certificate.

How can you get an SSL certificate for my website? 

With Cobiro’s free website builder, an SSL certificate is generated and deployed for your website automatically. There’s no cost involved and we automatically renew the certificate so you’re always protected.

About Cobiro's free website builder

Cobiro’s website builder is the only free website builder on the market that uses the JAMstack approach.

When it's ready to launch, your website will be stable, secure, fast and scalable from the outset.


Use the drag-and-drop interface and choose from a multitude of elements and designs. 

No coding

Embrace a platform that delivers a world-class website, accessible to everyone.


Boost your website’s speed and performance by distributing it via a CDN.

Marketing integration

Choose your preferred applications and access them from the platform. No plug-ins required. 

Free SSL certificate 

Protect your customers’ confidential information by adopting the gold standard in website security.

Domain registration

Get a professional domain. Choose from a free Cobiro extension or buy an available one.

Try out the Cobiro website builder for free!

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