Advertising online: Why advertise with Facebook?

Interested in advertising with Facebook? You should be! Check out these amazing benefits.


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Why advertise with Facebook?

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We offer a centralized platform for all of your digital marketing efforts. It’s the easiest, most effective way to reach more customers - especially because of our advertising options through Google and Facebook. On a daily basis, Facebook has more than 1.62 billion active people with more users connecting all the time. In fact, that 2020 statistic is a 9% increase from 2018, making it clear that users - and therefore consumers - are still using Facebook as their favorite social media platform (also a fact). So Facebook is not something you can ignore if you’re a business owner looking to find and target your audience and convince them to try your services. In this article, we’ll go over the six top benefits of advertising with Facebook. 

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What are Facebook Ads?

Facebook Ads are advertisements shown on Facebook. You pay to place promotions and offers in the newsfeed of a targeted audience. Facebook Ads differ from other posts in the newsfeed in a few ways. First, there’s a “sponsored” tag below the name of the site. There’s also a “like” button in the top right corner to nudge the viewer into liking your page, and there’s a call-to-action button in the bottom right corner. The sound of the call-to-actions may differ.

The “sponsored” tag is a transparency move to make sure viewers know what kind of content they’re looking at. Sure, the tag and like button are not super visible, but it forces advertisers to make themselves known to their audience. The ads are a great reminder to customers of your products and services and will increase the likelihood of some of them paying a visit to your site - or maybe even making a purchase. 

Benefit no. 1: They’re affordable

Just like Google Ads, Facebook Ads can cost whatever you like. You decide your maximum budget, and when your limit is met, Facebook simply stops showing them. But it’s worth it to spend something on your ads, because the more money you spend, the more users you will reach. 

Benefit no. 2: Simple to set up

Don’t worry about complex setup procedures or the need for specialized skills. Setting up a Facebook campaign takes little time and effort and can deliver great results pretty fast. Once you’ve created a business manager account for your Facebook page, the rest is easy. You can even play around with your campaigns to see what yields you the best results. 

Facebook guides you through the entire process and helps you select the type of ad you want to make, your target audience, budget, and timeframe. And nothing goes live before you’ve had a look at what the finished ad looks like. 

Benefit no. 3: Highly customizable 

Not only is the setup simple - even for an advertising beginner - but it’s highly customizable too. Customizing your ads is where you could see even better return on investment because your ads will be more specific. And it doesn’t make your campaigns more difficult to set up; on the contrary, Facebook has made the customization layout just as easy to figure out as the initial setup. 

You can customize the design of your ads, the copy, target audience, bidding options, visuals, call-to-action buttons, and many other things. All of those options are in place to give you the opportunity to create compelling ads that your audience can’t resist. 

Before you go live, you can get a preview of your ad to make sure you’re happy with the way it looks. 

Benefit no. 4: Reach your ideal audience 

With so many people using Facebook every day, some of them are bound to be in your audience. You can specify your audience by age, gender, location, behavior, job industry, interests, etc. Of course, you need to have a good idea of who your audience is and then set your target audience to match it. You can create broader audiences for brand awareness, for new campaigns, and for gathering data on your audience. Specific targeting, on the other hand, will let you reach a smaller audience, but hopefully one that’s more interested in your offers than a broader audience might be.  

Benefit no. 5: Retargeting opportunities

Retargeting enables you to target users who previously visited your website or gave you their contact information. Because they already know about you, they are more likely to come back and perform a desired action such as making a purchase. 

Benefit no. 6: Analyze and optimize

Making ad campaigns and waiting for them to perform is all well and good, but what will really make a difference for you is when you take the ad reports Facebook gives you and analyze the data for something to improve. Your ads will almost surely need updating at some point, which is why you need to look at how they’re performing regularly to use those insights to take action from. How many people looked at your ad? Did they click on it? Are your ads too expensive? You’ll know once you look at the analytics. 


Because Facebook is still the preferred media platform with a huge chunk of the entire world’s population using it, it’s the ideal place to start campaigning. As with Google Ads, Facebook Ads are easy to set up, customize, and optimize, so even if you’re not a marketing expert, we suggest giving it a go. You decide the budget as well, so you won’t get ripped off at any point. With these six amazing benefits in mind, we suggest giving Facebook Ads a go now!

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