What is a domain and why do you need one?

We’ll give you the what and how of domains in this post so you can make an educated decision on what’s best for your brand. 


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Why get a domain

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Even if you don’t have one yet, you’ve probably heard the term “domain” before. It’s a key step towards online success and definitely something you have to consider when taking your business online. 

What is a domain name?

A domain name is an address where potential customers and other internet users can access your website. In essence, a domain name is the name of your website. For example, www.cobiro.com is Cobiro’s domain name. If your name is Cathy and you sell cupcakes, your domain could be www.cathyscutecupcakes.com. We use domain names because they’re easier to remember than the string of numbers that make up every computer’s IP address.  

Every domain is unique and can be a combination of letters and numbers and have various endings, such as .com, .org., .net, etc. However, many of these endings, or domain name extensions, have already been taken or are incredibly expensive to buy. That’s why Cobiro is disrupting the game by providing a series of new endings available at no cost - but we’ll get to that a little later. 

Why register a domain?

There’s no excuse for not being online as a small business owner. You need an online presence - because your customers expect you to have one. Luckily, building a website is easier than ever: you can get started for free if you use a smart website builder tool like Cobiro’s, you don’t have to code or design anything, and advertising options are already embedded. 

But having a website is just the first step. Then there’s advertising, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), content marketing if you’re up to it, and of course, registering a domain. Your domain is unique to your brand and makes it easier for potential customers to find you. With a domain, you add credibility and professionalism to your brand and increase awareness of your offerings. Once you have a domain name, you’ll find it much easier to rank better in organic search results as well. 

What name should you choose?

We recommend choosing a domain name that’s easy to remember for your customers and is short enough not to be confusing. Try also to incorporate relevant keywords. Like the example with Cathy’s cupcakes up top, incorporating “cupcakes” into the domain name is a smart choice. You can choose letters, numbers, or hyphens as part of your domain name. Just be mindful that other people also need to find special characters' placement intuitive enough to remember. 

You can make your brand stand out even more by adding an extension that describes more about your business, which brings us to Cobiro’s newest product update: free custom domains.

Stand out with a custom domain

We’re offering all of our Starter Plan users the chance to get a free custom domain for their website. We know that many domain names with extensions such as .com, .net., .org, and many others are already taken or cost more than a pretty penny. We took it upon ourselves to make a list of free extensions that reflect your needs best. 

This is the list of Cobiro extensions you can get for free:

  • [yourwebsitename].smb.company 
  • [yourwebsitename].smb.shop
  • [yourwebsitename].smb.store
  • [yourwebsitename].smb.site
  • [yourwebsitename].smb.page

Or you can buy an available .com/.org/.net/etc. domain instead if you want. 

Notice how they all have “smb” incorporated? The “smb” obviously stands for “Small and Midsize Businesses.” A small and midsize business has different IT requirements and constraints than larger corporations due to its smaller size. We know that small business owners don’t have unlimited time or resources dedicated to their IT needs, which is why we’re developing tools to help you overcome these hurdles. 

One such hurdle is the cost of building websites and registering a custom domain that will help you stand out among thousands of other brands. With a Cobiro custom domain extension, you’re going to stand out immediately while still having a name that’s easy to remember. 

Unleash your potential online

At Cobiro, we’re constantly striving to make it easier for business owners to succeed online. It’s why we’ve developed an intuitive, simple website builder and why we’ve added a whole list of free domains for you to choose from. You face many obstacles as a business owner - especially in uncertain times such as these - but having the tools to succeed online should not be one of them. 

It doesn’t get much easier: Build a website and register a domain in the builder. That’s all! You’re now ready to grow your brand!

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