What is a CDN: How to improve your website performance

A CDN delivers internet content at optimal speed - crucial for businesses looking to succeed online. Explore how this localized approach can help your website provide a seamless customer experience.


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What is a CDN?

A Content Delivery Network (CDN) is a global network of servers that work together to reduce the distance a website’s content has to travel before it reaches its end user.

How does it work?

A CDN stores a cached version of your website content in numerous locations across the world (which are called Points of Presence, or PoP). When a website user makes a request, the cached content is gathered from the closest server to where they are based, rather than making a return trip to the website’s origin server.

So for example, if a person in Frankfurt is viewing your US hosted website, any content they request is serviced from a server in Germany rather than the website’s ‘home’ server.

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What are the benefits of a CDN?

Lightning speed  

Page loads time reduce as content is delivered closer to the website user.


Websites can handle more traffic by easing the pressure on its origin server.

Better SEO  

Search engines take website speed into account in their rankings.

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Why do you need one?

For any business that sells products or services online, a fast and responsive website has a direct impact on the bottom line. A two-second delay in a website’s page loading speed can lead to a 4.3% loss in revenue per visitor. And when it comes to growth, having a website that can deal with a sudden or sustained increase in customer demand is crucial.

How to set up a CDN for your website

If we take a traditional CMS platform, such as Squarespace, there are several steps to go through. You’ll need to: identify a hosting company, sign up to a plan, and change your domain’s nameservers - all while installing, and configuring, a plug-in that connects your website to the CDN. Unless you’re a pro, this can be a daunting task.

With Cobiro’s free website builder , your website is automatically set up to distribute your content via a CDN - no sign ups or installation required. That’s because it's built using the JAMstack approach. JAMstack and CDNs go hand in hand - creating websites that deliver on speed, security, stability and scalability. Find out how

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Boost your website’s speed and performance by distributing it via a CDN.

Marketing integration

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SSL certificate 

Protect your customers’ confidential information by adopting the gold standard in website security.

Domain registration

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When it’s ready to launch, your website will be stable, secure, fast and scalable from the outset.

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