What is Google Ads and why does it work?

Whether you're new to online advertising or a regular pro, you can't afford to ignore Google Ads. I will give you the what, how, and why of Google Ads in this article.


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Google Ads

Eline Ellesgaard, Head of Paid Marketing

There are 3.5 billion Google searches every day. Most search results pages include Google Ads, which makes them a highly effective way of generating qualified traffic to your website.

I’m Eline, Head of Paid Marketing at Cobiro. I’ve worked with Google Ads for nearly half a decade. I thought you could benefit from learning more about Google Ads, so read on to discover how it works, and why your business should start running Google Ads.

What is Google Ads?

It wasn’t long after Google.com was first launched that Google decided to add an advertising platform to the hugely popular search engine. In 2000, Google AdWords was introduced. It has since been renamed to Google Ads. If you’ve ever used Google, chances are you’ve seen and clicked on a Google ad - which means your potential customers have too. 

When users are searching for a product or service, they type in specific keywords in the hopes their search will take them to a solution that matches their needs. A bunch of organic search results will appear and just above these results is where you’ll see the Google Ads, which are advertisements paid for by advertisers. They are always marked as ads to distinguish them from the organic results. 

Advertisers choose a list of keywords for their ads that are relevant to their business and then bid on them in an auction, basing each bid on how much they’re willing to pay for a Google user to click on the ad. 

How much you bid and the quality of your proposed ad then determines which ads will appear. When users then click on the ad, advertisers pay a certain cost called cost-per-click or CPC. 

Why does it work?

Google Ads allow you to create and share customized ads that show up at the right time to the right people. Your business and your offerings will show up on the Search Engine Results Page (SERP) at the exact moment your ideal customers are searching for services and products like yours. That way, you’re sure to get high-quality traffic to your site, which hopefully will turn into more website traffic, in-store visits, and increased sales. 

The best part of Google Ads is your ability to tweak your ads as you get insights into how they’re performing. If you analyze how your ads are performing and make changes accordingly, you can be sure to get even more traffic and better quality leads. 

Cobiro helps you win auctions, get more clicks

We established in this article how Google Ads are based on auctions where you bid on keywords to get your ads to show. If you run advertising via Cobiro’s platform, we can help you win those auctions with the right bids for the right keywords at the right time. For every Google search, an automated auction takes place in real-time. Different businesses then bid on the keywords and the winner’s ad gets the best position on Google’s search result page. 

Our platform gives you the keywords that maximize your chances of winning auctions. With the right keywords, our automated bidding system can set the best bids at the lowest cost. 

Prices for keywords always change - and so should your bids. We ensure that your bids are adjusted and optimized at all times to help you win auctions, show your ads, and get clicks - again and again. 

Cheaper but better bids

The best bids at the lowest cost, how does that sound? With Google Ads, it’s all about generating great keywords at a low price. Luckily with Cobiro, you don’t have to think about keywords day and night to make sure your ads show up in the right places. Let our tools do all the work for you instead so you can focus on what you do best - your business. 

Sign up for Cobiro’s platform today and start reaching more customers with Google Ads.

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