How to design a website using sections

Sections make it easier than ever to design websites. This modern approach gives website designers the freedom and flexibility they crave to get the websites they want.


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Cobiro's Content Team

One of the biggest challenges website designers face is creating truly customizable websites at speed. That’s why Cobiro’s website builder is centered around using sections as the modern building blocks for website design.

What are sections?

A section is a pre-made content block that can be used in any combination to create beautiful and unique websites. They’re fully customizable, which gives designers the freedom to make the websites they actually want, in record time.

What about templates?

Website templates are a great option for first-time website creators and those who want an off-the-shelf website. But for professionals, it’s hard to find a template that offers the flexibility they need.

Sections provide the foundations for designing websites, but the rest is up to you. Simply choose the pre-made content section you need (e.g. Team Bio), add it to your site and customize everything - from imagery to background colors. 

Benefits to using sections

  • They can be placed anywhere on a website, moved, and re-ordered with ease
  • Multiple and different sections can be used on the same site
  • It’s easy to make changes to each section without impacting the overall site

And there’s more…

One of the most exciting things about sections is that they can be saved and used again across a website. You’re effectively creating your own website templates, but with a design and style that meets your exact requirements.

How to use sections on Cobiro

Getting started couldn’t be easier. Once you’re in the website builder, simply hover across to the “Add section” tab and choose either a design or wireframe.

The design option has content sections with pre-populated copy, images, and colors for those who want a little inspiration, whereas the wireframe options are essentially the bare bones of your site - perfect if you have your copy and branding preference at the ready.

Each section has a specific purpose. So whether you want to add a header, footer, quote, or contact form, you’ll quickly find what you’re looking for. Select the one you want to use and start customizing it. 

Get started for free

Design your next website with sections. It’s free until you’re ready to launch, after which our plans start from as little as $5 a month and include a domain, global hosting and more.

Create a website in minutes: no coding required.

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