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It's easy to forget things, we’ve all done it. Easy-to-use, straightforward and simple, this intuitive little feature gives you a second pair of digital eyes, enabling you to spot any mistakes or oversights before you publish.


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Illustration with website check feature

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Make sure you get the details right with our website checker. A fully minimizable pop-up checklist that helps you double-check that your website is in the best shape possible before it goes live. 

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Automatic assistance from the get-go

So you’ve decided to create a website and chosen a template that suits your needs. As soon as you make your selection, a pop-up will appear at the bottom-left of the screen.

Screenshot of Website check tool

Clicking the various ‘View’ buttons takes you to different sections for review. For example, the above template’s website checker identifies that the creator needs to ‘Update placeholder text’.  This is simply to ensure that pre-installed text does not remain on the page by accident.

The prompts change depending on the type of template being used. For example, in the template below, we also see prompts for ‘Add button link’.

Screenshot of Website check tool

Whether you’re adapting a pre-made template or designing a website from scratch, the website checker is a simple click-check making sure you don’t miss anything.

Screenshot Gif of Website check feature

Create the perfect website today

Cobiro prides itself on being a thoroughly modern design oriented, no-code builder. For extra tips and tricks see our blog post on how to structure the perfect website.

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