The Cobiro Promise

"The Cobiro Promise" is on every page of our site, have you seen it? It's my personal pledge to all of our customers, explained in detail right here.

Bo Krogsgaard

Bo Krogsgaard

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Cobiro's pledge

My name is Bo Krogsgaard. I’m the co-founder of Cobiro together with Anders Ibsen. We started the company back in 2016 with the intent to make digital marketing tools available to all kinds of businesses, no matter their skill level. Since then, our mission has evolved to include more than just digital marketing - we’ll soon be launching a free website builder that makes it possible for everyone to jumpstart their business online. If you want to check out more on our journey and shift from digital marketing platform to full-fledged online success toolkit, we've got the perfect article for you

What is the Cobiro Promise?

The Cobiro Promise is my personal pledge to our customers. Many companies put up guarantees that are hard to fulfill, leaving the customers feeling let down and unsatisfied. I wanted to come up with a promise that tells you more about our passion and what we stand for rather than just being another check mark on a spec sheet. You can find the Cobiro Promise on every page of our website - because we're not trying to hide what we do. So without further ado, here are the three phrases that together make up the Cobiro Promise. 

Tools so easy and affordable everyone can use them

The problem with many digital marketing solutions is that they’re extremely complicated to use unless you’ve got some kind of background in online advertising. That makes it a huge hurdle for many small business owners to dig into. The thing is, it’s not that complicated to get up and running with your business online. Can you make it complicated? Sure you can! But is it really necessary? That’s a hard no. You can get all of the same benefits from using the Cobiro platform as you would using one of the most expensive marketing suites.

Seamless integrations that save you time

Besides the complexity and price tag that comes with many solutions out there, many of them require you to get fully acquainted with a long list of terms, tools, and processes before you can even begin to expect results. You might have to go to several different companies to bundle their solutions together yourself in order to get what you need. 

Not with Cobiro. We’ve selected the most important, easy-to-use solutions and collected them on one, central platform, giving you an overview of your progress and analytics at all times. You don’t have to go anywhere but to our platform. That saves you precious time - and probably a few headaches. 

No middle-man or agency needed

We understand the concern you might have for running advertising campaigns and building an online presence yourself. Will you mess something up? Will it work? Isn’t it better leaving it to a professional? These are legitimate concerns - but fortunately they’re completely unnecessary for startups using Cobiro. 

We’re challenging the claim that you should always go to an agency to build and grow your online presence. We even wrote a blog post telling you when to think about hiring one - and when not to. Agencies can provide you with a lot of value if you have the budget for it, but in most instances, if you’re a small business owner with a limited budget, it can put the brakes on your entire business because it’s too expensive to get started with. That money is better spent with your company, by you, to grow your business with our easy-to-use marketing tools. 

Online success made easy

It all boils down to you needing good tools that can get you great results fast and doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. I like to say that it doesn’t take an engineer to drive a car - just like it shouldn’t take a hardcore coder or marketing expert to grow your business online. We take away the hassle, the time, and all of the worry that comes with moving into uncharted territory.

Instead, I promise you easy-to-use tools that are affordable and gets you results fast. It’s the Cobiro Promise, and you can hold me to it.  

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