What is no-code and what does it mean for you?

For many of us, coding can feel like a daunting task - stopping projects from moving forward. Luckily, no-code functionality is transforming the digital landscape, removing the barriers for businesses looking to develop an online presence.


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What is no-code?

No-code is a term that describes building digital applications without the need to write code. It’s a way of democratizing the digital environment, unlocking opportunities for individuals and businesses that want to share their ideas and creations but lack the necessary coding skills.   

What are the benefits?

A quicker route to launch

As a startup or small business owner, having the money to hire software developers to build an app or website can be a huge blocker. With no-code platforms, new solutions can be produced and taken to market at speed. Changes can be implemented, tested, and refined in a more efficient way.

Levelling the playing field

No matter the concept or business, no-code platforms provide an equal footing for everyone. New ideas and perspectives can be conveyed in an app or website that looks and performs as good as the very best out there.

Build a free website now: no coding, installations or plug-ins required.

Empowering teams through digital transformation

Once you have a new strategy or vision, no-code helps to make the experimentation process speedier and more inclusive - allowing everyone to get involved. Individuals or teams can create solutions to organizational challenges on a small scale, simultaneously. Legacy systems can also be connected to a no-code platform, making software changes quick and inexpensive.

Improving the customer experience

Customers expect to receive exceptional service at every pinch point. No-code fosters a commitment to continuous improvement, allowing issues to be explored and fixed as quickly as possible. Instead of relying on a developer to fix things, those closest to the customer can play a direct role in understanding and overcoming issues.

About Cobiro's free website builder

Cobiro’s website builder provides the infrastructure and tools to build a professional website quickly. It requires no code, no installation and no plug-ins.

It’s the only free website builder on the market that uses the JAMstack approach. When it’s ready to launch, your website will be fast, safe, reliable and scalable from the outset.

Simple: Use the drag-and-drop interface and choose from a multitude of elements and designs.

Secure: Protect your customers’ data with an SSL certificate automatically included - for free.

Fast: Experience incredibly quick page load speeds - thanks to the use of a CDN to distribute content.

Integrated: Select your marketing applications and run them seamlessly. No plug-ins required.

Domain-ready: Get a professional domain. Choose from a free Cobiro extension or buy an available one.

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Two minutes, to website!

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Two minutes, to website!