JAMstack essentials: What is JAMstack?

JAMstack is a modern web development approach for building fast, scalable, and impenetrable websites. This article is all about JAMstack basics.


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You’ve heard of the content management system (CMS) WordPress, right? It was all the rage in the 00s and hundreds of millions of websites are built on that system. In the 10s, services like Squarespace took over the website builder market. But those who want fast and easy-to-manage websites have already moved on to a better solution: JAMstack.  

Building a website

Every serious business needs a professional website. You can choose between a managed website, like Medium or Squarespace, for simply publishing content, or a self-hosted website like WordPress where you’re in control of SEO, hosting, maintenance, etc. The first option leaves you with little creative freedom to express what your brand is about while the latter is a painstakingly time-consuming process. 

But there is another way. Yes, you’ve guessed it; JAMstack. JAMstack is a static HTML site that is being rebuilt every time you update the content. Deployed directly to a CDN (Content Delivery Network). Because they’re just static web pages deployed directly to a CDN, sites built on JAMstack are incredibly fast - pages often load in under 1 second. 53% of mobile visitors abandon your site if pages take longer than 3 seconds to load, just to give you some context. 

Build a JAMstack website now. It’s fast. It’s secure. It’s better!

What is JAMstack?

No, JAMstack has nothing to do with jam. Instead, it’s an acronym for JavaScript, Application Programming Interfaces (APIs), and markup. It’s a modern web development approach that enables frontend developers to build apps without using a backend server. 

Why is that a good thing, you may ask? Well, because instead of a backend server, which consists of a database, server, and application, developers can use APIs to enable connections from frontend frameworks. It’s easier and a lot less time-consuming. 

The traditional workflow looks like this:

  • Users request to load a page that is presented through a complicated interaction between the database, backend code, browser, server, and various other factors.
  • The database needs to be constantly updated in order to push the newest content. 
  • Content updates are pushed to the user through traditional content management systems (CMS), such as WordPress or Squarespace. 

A lot of things need to happen in order for the user to see the content they request. Needless to say, it also takes longer, and with every extra step along the way, page security is potentially compromised. 

The JAMstack workflow looks like this:

  • Users requests to load a page. The file requested gets served directly to the browser from the CDN. 
  • Content updates are made in a CMS, then pre-compiled into Javascript and markup. 

Benefits of JAMstack sites

As we mentioned before, JAMstack sites are static websites that consist of HTML files that represent an actual website page. The static layout makes JAMstack sites easy to scale and ultra-secure since static sites aren’t connected to databases, which are prone to attacks. 

You can build any type of website you want. But you’re probably going to need a developer to help you out and a marketing expert to set it up to run ads, proper SEO and SEM, and much more. Even a website built on the JAMstack requires developer knowledge to set up; unless of course there already exists a JAMstack website builder with all of the templates and designs you could possibly want. You’re in luck - because we just built one!

Cobiro’s website builder

You can get all of the benefits of a JAMstack site without having to learn how to code it yourself. When you build a website through Cobiro, it’s automatically ready for marketing. You can use the website as is and add advertising when you want. You don’t need any previous experience within marketing to get started and no coding required either.

All of this talk about infrastructure and architecture is not necessary to understand to build your JAMstack website, though. It’s just to give you some background info on why we chose to make a website builder that’s different from everything else on the market. Different because it’s more modern and better because it’s future-proof. 

If you’d like more information about our website builder, take a look at this article. 


Web users today expect fast and secure websites. Think about your customers. If a page on your website doesn’t load fast enough or your customer’s financial information is compromised, do you think they will continue being your customer? They won’t. Customers don’t return to sites with a page-load of more than 4 seconds. Leverage modern web development like JAMstack to keep your customers happy and loyal. 

In this article, we covered what JAMstack is and how it can benefit web users who want a faster, scalable setup. Are you one of them? Build a website on JAMstack principles today! Absolutely no coding required. 

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Two minutes, to website!

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