JAMstack essentials: Improving website stability with JAMstack

JAMstack redefines our approach to building websites, making them more stable compared to traditional CMS setups. In this article we’ll explore why.


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JAMstack infrastructure

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This is the third in our series explaining what JAMstack is, and how it can benefit your business. The first looked at the basics and the second at how it makes websites more secure. In this article, we’ll cover the topic of stability and what you can expect from a JAMstack website.

Choosing a robust website

It can be hard to find the right provider for your website, and crucially, one where reliability is prioritized. Some allow you to simply post content, while others leave everything up to you. Unless you’re an expert in coding, maintenance, security, and SEO, it can be hard to find the best solution.

JAMstack simplifies this process, and what’s more, it beats CMS systems when it comes to building dependable websites. Because of the way it’s structured, the chances of your website going down are drastically reduced. 

What is JAMstack?

We’ve already put together the basics, but here’s a quick recap to help you on your way. 

JAMstack is a modern way of building websites that deliver better performance on all parameters. It stands for JavaScript, Application Programming Interfaces (APIs), and markup. 

The backend and frontend are separated. The frontend is pre-built into static pages, which are served to the website user via a Content Delivery Network (CDN). Because the content is pre-generated, hosting complexities are minimized, resulting in a more reliable website compared to those run on traditional CMS platforms.

That might sound complicated, and we understand that not everyone has the time or resources to become a JAMstack master and build everything from scratch. That’s why we’ve made a website builder that lets you create websites built on JAMstack principles. It’s free, it’s super easy, and it doesn’t require any coding knowledge whatsoever.

Build your free JAMstack website now

Why are JAMstack websites more stable?

With the complex work done during the build process, JAMstack sites have fewer moving parts by the time they’re ‘ready to go’. As we mentioned, when a user accesses your site, they’re viewing a static page. This consists of your HTML content, which is stored as a file.

This content is distributed via a CDN. CDNs bring everything closer to your website users, with the files that make up your site deployed to servers as near to where they're based as possible. This limits the chances of encountering technical issues, as it does away with complex applications and databases. It also helps to make page load speeds incredibly quick (you can read why in this article).

OK, so what does this mean?

JAMstack sites are extremely stable by default. As they’re pre-generated and hosted directly from a CDN, there’s no need for server updates, maintenance or patching, unlike a traditional CMS. Gone are the days of hiring a team of experts to fix multiple issues!

Cobiro’s JAMstack-powered website builder

Any website built with Cobiro’s website builder delivers on reliability. It’s the only one on the market that uses the JAMstack approach, so you can feel confident that you’re using the latest website architecture for your business.

The intuitive drag-and-drop interface lets you pick from an abundance of elements and designs and simply place them on your site where you want them. You don’t have to learn how to code to get up and running.

But more than that, it’s ready to run advertising immediately as well. Once you’re online, you can choose the marketing applications that work with your business and just add them to your plan. 

Modern websites require web technology that delivers a stable platform for your customers.  Try out the Cobiro website builder for free!

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