JAMstack essentials: How JAMstack websites provide incredible speeds  

JAMstack websites deliver content at lightning speed. Here’s why they excel against traditional CMS structures.


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JAMstack infrastructure

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In this article we’ll discover how JAMstack’s approach is helping website owners everywhere benefit from a more responsive offering. This is the fourth in our series explaining what JAMstack is. Check out our other posts on the basics, security, and stability.

Your online journey begins with a quick website

Every business needs a professional website, and your customers expect it to be fast and intuitive.

With a magnitude of website providers out there, it can be hard to find the right one. Should you go for a platform that simply allows you to post content, or is it worth going for something more advanced? Unless you're an expert in coding, hosting, maintenance, security, and SEO, you can be forgiven for feeling a little confused.


With a JAMstack site, the process of building a website is completely simplified. And what’s more, it beats traditional CMS platforms for speed, thanks to its innovative approach.

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What is JAMstack? 

We’ve already put together the basics, but here’s a quick refresher to help you on your way. 

JAMstack is a modern way of building websites that deliver better performance across all parameters. The ‘JAM’ stands for JavaScript, APIs and Markup, and the ‘stack’ is what pulls everything together.

With JAMstack websites, there’s less of a reliance on the backend server, and the databases and applications that come with that. Instead, content is delivered closer to the end-user (your website visitor) in the form of static HTML files. Because they’re just static web pages, they’re incredibly fast.

That might sound complicated, and we understand that not everyone has the time or resources to become a JAMstack master and build everything from scratch. That’s why we’ve made a website builder that lets you create websites built on JAMstack principles. It’s free, it’s super easy, and it doesn’t require any coding knowledge whatsoever.

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Why are JAMstack sites so quick? 

With a traditional CMS, the workflow looks something like this. A developer writes the program and sends it to a server close to where the website lives. When a person accesses the site, any action they perform has to go on a return trip to this server and back again. With JAMstack, the content is static in the form of pre-generated files, which are then distributed via a Content Delivery Network (CDN).

How CDNs work

CDNs bring everything closer to your website visitors, with the files that make up your site deployed to servers as near to where they’re based as possible. With this reduction in distance comes a faster load time. But that’s not all. Because your content has been pre-built, complex applications and databases are removed from the equation. 

And when it comes to keeping your customers interested, speed is crucial. A 2-second delay in load time can result in abandonment rates of up to 87%, just to provide some context. Fewer customers mean fewer sales.

Of course, your website visitors won’t see what’s happening behind the scenes, but they will experience an incredibly fast website - with pages often loading in under 1 second. Check out the likes of the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation and Pan Macmillan to see what we mean.

About Cobiro’s free website builder

A fast website provides an air of confidence in your product or service, injecting a healthy dose of professionalism. Happy customers are loyal customers, so if they’ve had a seamless experience on your website, they’re more likely to return.

Cobiro’s website builder is the only free website builder on the market that uses the JAMstack approach. This means your business can benefit from a super-fast website from the get-go. 

And you don’t have to learn how to code to get started. Our website builder has an intuitive drag-and-drop interface that lets you pick from an abundance of elements and designs and simply place them on your site where you want them. 

And there’s more...

Cobiro’s website builder is ready to run advertising immediately. Once you’re online, you can choose the marketing applications that work with your business and just add them to your plan. 

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