Looking for a GoDaddy domain? Get a free one instead

Finding a professional domain and building a website - the starting blocks for getting online shouldn’t cost you anything. It’s time to embrace a fresh approach to online success - one that’s easy and accessible for everyone.


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A list of possible domain name extensions for handmade bikes

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How to get a free domain with Cobiro

When you register a domain name, nobody else can use it. Cobiro lets you choose from five free extensions that have been specifically created with new and growing businesses in mind. 

Finding the right one is easy. Let’s say you want to get “Custom Kitchens” up and running online. Search for this term to see your options right away. One click and the favorite is yours - no subscription required.

Sign up to get your free domain.

Domain sorted: now it’s time to build your website

Our free website builder focuses on two key aspects: simplicity and performance

Whether you’re after pre-made sections or prefer a completely blank canvas, its drag-and-drop functionality makes website creation a breeze. Add lightning fast speeds and top security to the mix and you’re ready to thrive!

And there’s more…

Online success is easier when everything’s in one place. Other platforms like WordPress offer access to selected marketing and automation tools, but they often require third party plug-ins or installations. Cobiro’s doesn't
So whether it’s SEO optimization, automated advertising or the full e-commerce experience, Cobiro makes building, growing and promoting a business from a single destination possible.

Start your journey to online success today 

Creating an account and getting started is easy. Turn your idea into reality with these four simple steps:

  1. Sign up to Cobiro’s platform
  2. Start creating your free website
  3. Find and activate your free domain    
  4. Start promoting your business 

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Two minutes, to website!

Two minutes, to website!

Build a lightning-fast professional website for your business in minutes with our drag-and-drop creator. It’s free and requires no coding skills or installations.
Two minutes, to website!