Not yet working with a Premium Google CSS Partner for your advertising? That means you’re paying a much higher click cost than competitors who run ads via a Google CSS Partner. We’re a Premium Google CSS Partner, and we can help you save 20% on your Shopping ad campaigns. Start using a CSS before your competitors!

Working with a CSS Partner

In 2017, the EU Commission sentenced Google to pay a hefty €2.4 billion fine for breaching antitrust law. In short, Google had to make their Shopping channel a lot more inclusive afterward, or else have to pay yet another fine. The ruling resulted in Google incentivizing Comparison Shopping Services (CSS) to advertise on behalf of merchants on Google Shopping. Advertisers in Europe thus get more bidding power and visibility when working with a CSS Partner.

Cobiro works with a certified Premium Google CSS Partner called Comlyn in order for you to yield much better results from your Shopping campaigns – at a discounted price. When you start using a separate CSS Merchant Center, created by Comlyn, you receive a 20% discount on your cost-per-click. 

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CSS Partners receive a 20% discount on cost-per-click because otherwise, they couldn’t compete with Google Shopping CSS. The advertiser in a Shopping campaign bids on the cost-per-click through an auction but with a CSS partner, a bid of €0.80 has the same value as a regular bid of €1.00.

You won’t get a refund for the money you save. Instead, you get a bidding advantage compared to Google CSS. This is how it works: Since you’ll be making more bids for the same price, you’ll be included in more auctions. Being included in more auctions delivers a better position on your product displays, which ultimately results in more campaign displays. It’s a win-win situation for you!

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What you get

These are just some of the advantages of teaming up with a Google CSS Partner:

  1. Your advertising runs as previously: The only difference is you’re now saving money on your ads. You can use your Google Ads account as usual, we’ll help you set up a new Comlyn Merchant Center account. 
  2. Control your budget: Whether you’re willing to spend a small amount or go all-in on your budget, it’s all up to you. 
  3. No setup fee: We’ll help you set up a CSS service, create campaigns, set up accounts – all for free. 
  4. Cancel anytime: We’re not going to bind you to a cancellation period. Opt out anytime you like. 
  5. 21 countries in the EU: The CSS program we offer works for all countries within the EEA (European Economic Area) and Switzerland. 

Start saving today!

This advantage will not be available forever. In truth, no one knows when Google finds another way to adhere to the ruling. And next time, it might not be as advantageous to merchants. We therefore strongly encourage European merchants to start saving today by teaming up with a Premium Google CSS Partner like Comlyn. 

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