Cobiro acquires Comlyn

Cobiro is delighted to announce the acquisition of Comlyn, one of Europe’s leading CSSs. The deal enhances Cobiro’s Google Shopping offer for new and existing clients.


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Cobiro's Content Team

As an official Google Partner, Cobiro helps agencies and merchants to increase their Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) by offering a 20% Cost Per Click (CPC) discount on their Shopping Ads in Europe - when they use a Comparison Shopping Service (CSS). 

A CSS is a website that collects product offers from online retailers and then directs them to the retailers’ websites in order to make a purchase. Cobiro currently offers the discount to its clients by partnering with Comlyn, one of Europe’s leading CSSs.

An impressive track record

Over the last few years, Comlyn CSS has featured 80+ million products and facilitated 500+ million clicks, 40+ billion yearly impressions and $250 million in yearly advertising spend.

The partnership has enabled thousands of agencies and merchants to access the game-changing discount and to provide an optimal shopping setup on Google. 

Comlyn now becomes Cobiro CSS, and we’re excited for what the future has in store. 

Get your discount today

Start generating Google shopping traffic more efficiently by running your ads through Cobiro CSS. The discount is automatically incorporated into your Google auctions and new CSS campaigns can run alongside existing shopping campaigns - doubling their visibility.

Our expert team is ready to help - add your contact details and we’ll be in touch. 

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