Introducing website animations

Animate your website’s content and see it come to life. With Cobiro’s animations feature, you can bring new creativity to your site without the need to write code.


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Illustration of animations tool on Cobiro's website builder

Cobiro's Content Team

We’re excited to announce the latest feature on Cobiro’s website builder: animations. 

Animations energize websites and make the user experience more intuitive and exciting. They’re great for highlighting particular content or giving your website a more professional look and feel.

Adding animations with Cobiro is easy, and because your website is powered by JAMstack technology, there'll be no impact on its speed or performance.

Animations in 3 easy steps

1. Select your content

Heading, image, or button - any element can be modified!

Gif showing a website element being selected

2. Choose an animation

Decide how you want it to appear, from what direction, and for how long.

Gif showing website animation settings

3. Preview it

The results are instant, so you can test out a few options before hitting publish.

Gif showiing website animations in preview mode

Best practice tips for animations

Keep them subtle

Animations should feel like a natural part of your website experience. They should blend in seamlessly with the rest of your content rather than jumping out and appearing misplaced.

Don’t animate everything 

Too many things moving on the page is not a good look. Think strategically about the elements you want to animate - titles and calls to action are often the most popular.

Get the timings right

A small tweak can make a huge difference. A transition that’s too fast runs the risk of being too abrupt, while too slow can frustrate your website’s users. Test and keep testing!

Try them out for free

Cobiro’s website builder is free until you’re ready to launch. Thereafter, our plans start at only $5 a month and include free website animations, a huge icon and image library, global hosting, and much more!

Get started now

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