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How it works We connect your Website to Google Ads

Connect your Shopping System.

01 Connect your Website

Simply just input your Website URL. Cobiro will analyze your Website and prepare them for automated advertising.

Cobiro builds best-practice AdWords account.

02 Cobiro builds best-practice AdWords account

From your pages Cobiro will create a best-practice AdWords account ready for your approval. Once approved, you'll be advertising on Google with no manual work.

Ads online. Automated 24/7 in-sync

03 Ads online. Automated 24/7 in-sync

Cobiro stays in-sync with websites. Cobiro will optimize your ad performance using our Artificial Intelligence engine.
That's it!

Cobiro for Websites

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We support everything from Google

With a single Website connection, Cobiro allows you to easily advertise on all of Google's Network.

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Always syncronized We deliver up-to-date Ads 24/7/365

Our integrations make sure we always have the latest information found on your site.

This way all keywords, images and meta-data stay up-to-date, ensuring your ads are as relevant as possible.

The update frequency of the Cobiro integration can easily be configure dependant on your requirements.