Fully automated
Google AdWords® optimizer

Let Cobiro work for you, while you focus on your core business.
Cobiro’s AdWords conversion optimization is unmatched.

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Follow Cobiro as it advertises and learns from your customers

Once you’ve started Cobiro, it’s really just for you to sit back and watch it advertise for you.

Cobiro continuously decides the right price to bid for a specific keyword and advertisement for each of your products.

From the dashboard you’ll see exactly what’s happening - from impressions, clicks and sales.

And you’ll see how Cobiro continuously gets smarter and starts to tweak your bidding in order to get the optimal conversion rates.

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Advanced analytics & reporting

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Easily interpretable reports structured to keep focus on your core business objectives.

Supplemented by drill-down functionality for the data- savvy marketeer.

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All markets & languages supported

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No matter where you are marketing your products or services. Cobiro can optimize it. Our text intelligence engine seamlessly detects the language to optimize.

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Approval Mode Supported

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All Cobiro accounts start in Approval mode. This way you will see and approve the optimizations of Cobiro before they’re implemented.

When you’re comfortable with the adjustments suggested by Cobiro, you can put it on full automatic, sit back and watch it work for you.

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With Cobiro you have fine grained control of the advertisement spend on Google. Start out with a fixed one-time budget, and see how it performs.

When you see the results coming in, turn on continuous monthly budgeting, either fixed or relative to the price of a sale.

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