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COBIRO works with Shopify

AdWords Automation for Shopify Powered by Cobiro

Cobiro is an affordable artificial intelligence powered platform for optimising Google Adwords and Google Shopping.

Cobiro is the best way to outsmart the market and take the hassle out of managing Adwords and Google Shopping.

Installing Cobiro for Shopify will:

  • Continuously synchronize your product data with Cobiro
  • Set up and manage your Google AdWords and Google Shopping
  • Install optimisation script at your Shopify shop
  • Optimize bid settings to maximize your profits
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Installing Cobiro for Shopify


Click here and visit Shopify's App Store


Click "Get" at Cobiro's Module Page


Install Cobiro AdWords AI


Login and follow Cobiro's Setup Guide


Activate Cobiro


NLP powered Language engine

NLP powered Language engine that understands what your products is about. It automatically analyse ALL your products and generate keywords based on them. The engine will create all campaigns and maintain them so you do need to do it yourself - or have anyone doing it. If a new product is added to your Shopify shop Cobiro will automatically generate a new campaign for it and likewise if a product is out of stock or no longer in the shop it will be paused so you do not waste your advertising budget.

Cobiro NLP engine works in 39 languages and dialects and in any currency supported by Google Adwords.


The Bid Management Platform

The Bid Management Platform constantly measure how your Adwords and Google Shopping campaigns are performing and adjust the bid price (CPC price) in Adwords and Google Shopping accordingly.

Cobiro also adjust bids for device types like Mobile, Tablets and Laptops as well as geographies.

You can make relevant settings in how Cobiro is bidding. You can set a percentage of the sale eg. 10% as a maximum or set a maximum of eg. 6 USD. You can also apply other rules on how Cobiro shall bid.

Powerful Artificial Intelligence

Install the Shopify App to get access to all the Cobiro features. All features are included in all plans. Install today and start optimizing your campaigns immediately.

Powerful Automation

Fully automate your entire Google AdWords & Google Shopping campaigns with Cobiro and Shopify. Start now and get your campaigns up and running in 5 minutes. No magic - just a machine beating human limitations.

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Campaign Management

Cobiro is creating your campaigns from scratch and maintaining them many times - every single day. When you launch new products in your Shopify store they will automatically be advertised and optimized.

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Bid Management

Optimize your return-on-investment with Bid Management. The bid engine will adjust your AdWords and Shopping bids to optimize your profits - all fully automated.

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