Google Adwords is brilliant
If done right

If used right, Adwords can skyrocket your sales. The challenge is knowing how do it and not least how to keep it updated.

At Cobiro we are using the latest artificial intelligence technology to optimise your campaigns and performance at Google AdWords. We use Machine Learning for at least two core purposes.


Bid Management and simulation

The complexity of setting the optimal
bid is huge and exceeds the human limitations.

At Cobiro, we have developed machine learning algorithms to accurately adjust biddings for all keywords, device types, geographies, segments, remarketing and much more. This is combined with predictive models that has learned how to adjust proactively - it is a little late to find out it was Black Friday on a saturday, as we say at Cobiro.


Natural Language Processing

We download all your product data from your online store and generate keywords based on specific products and set it up automatically in your Google AdWords account.

The result is that we typically set up a factor 10-14 of keywords per product in your online store - and we set them up very accurately. So if you have 2,000 products we typically set up 20,000 - 28,000 search phrases to give you the optimal coverage.

Some keywords might not convert into sales but that’s a part of our learning algorithms and our bidding engine will adjust accordingly. Though, we can guarantee you that we will find all relevant customers searching for your product.

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