Anyone can use Cobiro

Setting up Cobiro can be done in a few simple steps.
Create a budget, write your ad and simply turn on Cobiro.

Cobiro integrates

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Using a simple plug-in or website crawler, Cobiro will analyse and import your product catalogue - always staying up to date with any changes made.

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Cobiro advertises

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Cobiro fully automates the creation of Google Ads. Using creative copy provided by you, Cobiro buys relevant keywords and ad-placements directly related to your products only limited by your budget.

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Cobiro learns

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Cobiro learns from each customer, click, conversion, device and keyword. As time progress Cobiro’s insight surpasses that of any human significantly.

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Cobiro optimizes

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Cobiro will remove ad’s that aren’t performing well and boost those that are, ensuring that you get the maximum out of your advertisement spent.

Built for non-techies, usable by anyone!

Cobiro was made for anyone to use. Whether you are a plumber, lawyer or a hairdresser - or you run an online store.

Simply tell your business objectives and advertising message - and let Cobiro work for you.



Download modul or enter URL.


Get creative

Write your advertisement text and select your target markers.


Specify budget

Specify the budget that you wish to use for advertisement.


Turn on Cobiro

Activate Cobiro and optimize your business.

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Put your Adwords on auto-pilot today

Why do manually, what a machine can do for you faster and better?

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