Plug & play shop connectors

Using a simple plug-in Cobiro will analyse and import your product catalogue, always staying up to date.

All plug-ins for Cobiro are downloadable either through the Cobiro configuration proces or can be found on the App store of your chosen platform.

Cobiro plug-ins are verified by the platform vendor, secure and are read-only.

  • PrestaShop
  • woo commerce
  • shopify
  • Magento

Don't see yours? Drop us a line and we'll build it.


Custom systems fully supported

For custom systems we support a product feed, Google Structured Data, Schema or just by crawling your website.

If you are running a custom shop, or a standard platform that we do not yet support with plugin, either follow our guide for connecting with xml, or drop us a line for assistance.

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Cobiro stays up to date. 24/7/365

Our integrations make sure we always have the latest product information from your store.
This way all prices, product descriptions, images and meta-data stay up-to-date, ensuring your ads are as relevant as possible. The update frequency of the Cobiro integration can easily be configured dependant on your requirements.

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