Copenhagen-based start-up passionate about helping small businesses grow using artificial intelligence!


Cobiro was founded by Bo Krogsgaard and Anders Ibsen who have both spent a huge amount of time managing online marketing and conversions.

Spending more than 6 mio USD on AdWords, we have learned a trick or two on how to get the most out of the system. As the business grew, we were no longer capable of managing the entire portfolio of keywords, bidding, and optimization we decided to build an advanced engine with all the learning we have had got since 2004 when we first started to use the service from Google.

Google AdWords is a brilliant but complex tool. Very few people we met mastered the system to perfection and that was a problem for our business. We knew the system perfectly well ourselves, but we needed to clone ourselves to keep performing well as it takes a lot of time to constantly be up to date with market conditions, changes in price and many more dimensions.

Our philosophy is that Cobiro should be a seamless non-management tool meaning that if our mothers could use the system, it was perfect – and now they can. Push a button, and it works. The result is fantastic, and we are impressed by how well the Cobiro performs.

Once the system was completed, we discussed it with a couple of friends who also managed web shops of various sizes. They all told us they wish they had such a system so we decided to make Cobiro a service that everyone could afford. No cut of spend or high subscription fees. We just wanted to make the service available at a fixed low price.

So far Cobiro manages more than 173 million keywords on behalf of more than 3,000 happy online stores. By solving our problem, we have solved the problem for others, and we are humble over how well it has been received.

As well as Cobiro is a learning engine we at Cobiro are always eager to learn as well. If you have any input, comments or tips, please drop us a line, and we will discuss it internally.


Bo Krogsgaard, CEO / Co-founder

Bo Krogsgaard

CEO / Co-founder
Anders Ibsen, CCO / Co-founder

Anders Ibsen

CCO / Co-founder
Adam Skovbæch, Product Director

Adam Skovbæch

Steen Bruun Rasmussen, HR and Finance Administrator

Steen Bruun Rasmussen

HR and Finance Administrator
Tim Liljendahl, PHP Senior Software Engineer

Tim Liljendahl

Senior PHP Software Engineer
Tim Liljendahl, PHP Senior Software Engineer

Johan Lerche Schulz

Senior PHP Software Engineer
Anders Jenbo PHP Senior Software Engineer

Anders Jenbo

Senior PHP Software Engineer
Martin Henriksen, PHP Senior Software Engineer

Martin Henriksen

Senior PHP Software Engineer
Dan Larsen, Senior PHP Software Engineer

Dan Larsen

Senior PHP Software Engineer
Aleksandar Aleksandrov, Product Engineer

Aleksandar Aleksandrov

Product Engineer
Vlad Mircea Burac, PHP Software Engineer

Vlad Mircea Burac

PHP Software Engineer
Adam Becvar, PHP Software Engineer

Adam Becvar

PHP Software Engineer
Nichlas Langhoff Rasmussen, AI Software Engineer

Nichlas Langhoff Rasmussen

AI Software Engineer
Petrén Bach Hansen, AI Software Engineer

Victor Petrén Bach Hansen

AI Software Engineer
Emil Due Rasmussen, AI Software Engineer

Emil Due Rasmussen

AI Software Engineer
Mads Filbert, AI Software Engineer

Mads Filbert

AI Software Engineer
Mathias Holmbo, Lead Frontend Developer

Mathias Holmbo

Lead Frontend Developer
Philip Alvarado, Head of Customer Success

Philip Alvarado

Head of Customer Success
Louise Helgstrand, Customer Intelligence Manager

Louise Helgstrand

Customer Intelligence Manager
Anne Buch Olesen, Customer Success Advisor

Anne Buch Olesen

Customer Success Advisor
Giacomo Perini, Customer Success Advisor

Giacomo Perini

Customer Success Advisor
Hieu Huynh, Customer Success Advisor

Hieu Huynh

Customer Success Advisor
Michael Wever, Customer Success Advisor

Michael Wever

Customer Success Advisor
Diana Pérez Lemonche, Customer Success Advisor

Diana Pérez Lemonche

Customer Success Advisor
Thor Haraldsson, Customer Success Advisor

Thor Haraldsson

Customer Success Advisor

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